Recruitment for Schools of the Future

Key Messages

Arthur Philip High School and Parramatta Public School are undergoing exciting and significant change to transition to a future focused approach to education. These ‘Schools of the Future' will deliver extraordinary facilities and an innovative approach to teaching and learning.

The Department of Education is seeking talented educational leaders to work collaboratively in the new future-focused learning spaces at Parramatta.

Schools of the Future

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The new school facilities will require a learning community with a future-focused approach, led by teachers with the capacity to teach collaboratively across curricula areas, primary and secondary education and design purposeful learning experiences for flexible spaces across shared facilities.

These new schools will be technology rich settings with an emphasis on mobility and flexibility. It will be essential that teachers are confident in the creative design of digital learning. As leaders in this innovative learning community, teachers will need to be responsive to change and able to adapt to new spaces and practices. 

This innovative approach encourages flexibility and authenticity in teaching to maximise learning outcomes for both students and teachers.

Successful applicants will champion the intellectual and emotional growth of learners including critical and creative thinking techniques, inquiry and self-expression that allows for the full development of each student.


Recruitment Process

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How do I apply for a position?

Teaching staff

Teaching staff will be recruited under the "Procedures for the Teaching Service in NSW Public Schools and Agreement between the NSW Department of Education and the NSW Teachers Federation on Staffing of NSW Public Schools 2016-2020".

This procedure describes the principles, methods and process to be applied to recruit, promote or transfer members of the Teaching Service to Teacher positions in NSW public schools.

The procedure applies to vacant Teacher positions in NSW public schools; defined as classroom teacher (including school counsellors, teacher librarians, careers advisers, learning and support teachers and itinerant teachers), executive and principal positions.


Non-teaching staff

Non-teaching staff will be recruited under "School Administrative and Support (SAS) Staff, General Assistants and Farm Assistants Procedures" – This includes school administrative managers, school administrative officers and school learning support officers and Aboriginal Education Officers.


Interstate and international applicants
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Where will the positions be advertised?

Vacant positions will be advertised through I Work for NSW website and the Department of Education JobFeed Other professional platforms will include LinkedIn and Seek.