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Our Job Opportunities

The NSW Department of Education has been working in close consultation with our school. In the coming weeks we will begin a recruitment process to secure future-focused teachers to join us on our journey. The following is lifted... Read more

Launch of School Banking

This term our school will launch 'School Banking', an opportunity for students to engage in financial literacy. We will begin this process with a launch day to be held at the morning assembly on Monday 22nd May, 2017. Parents... Read more

Three-Way Goal Setting - Term 1, 2017

Three-Way Goal Setting sessions will be held in Week 10, 27th March – 31st March of this term. The purpose of these sessions are to facilitate a productive partnership between students, parents and teachers that supports learning... Read more

Parramatta P.S. is an exciting learning community in the heart of Parramatta. We have 97% of enrolments from language backgrounds other than English. The school celebrates and enjoys this multicultural diversity.
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